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Yangzhou Bright Solar Solutions Co., Ltd.


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Solar panel

  • 120W for 24V Lighting,17.30% Efficlency,Poly Crystalline,Sillicon
  • High Efficiency.Adding Aluminum Frame,Tempered Glass

Gel Battery

  • 120Ah/12v, Sealed Type, Gelled Deep Cycle
  • Maintenance Free

Intelligent Solar  Controller (PWM/MPPT Type)

  • 20A/24V, Automatic Light and Time Control
  • Over-Charging/Discharging Protection Reverse-connection 
  • Protection Switch on Automatically with Light Sensor Switch off

          after 11-12 Hrs Later

 Light Source: High Power LED  

  • 80W LED, White Color, 150LM/W, 6500k optional, IP65,

         120 Degree Angle, High Power, High Brightness.



  • 8M Height, Steel, Hot-Dip Galvanized.
  • With Arm, Bracket, Flange, Fittings, 85mm top, 200mm

           bottom, 4.00mm thickness, Cable, Etc. Plastic Coated, Rust



 Battery Box

  • Material: Engineering plastic, with PVC tube,  hold 2 batteries,



 Base Foundation & Fittings 

  • Assemble Design M22*1.2m J bolts
  • Suitable for the Pole Flange Size
  • Pole Flange Size :400*400*20mm


Produktgruppe : Solarstraßenlaterne > Vergrabene Batterie

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